ICT Skills 2020

Speed Challenge

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What is the Speed Challenge?

In Trade 17 - Web Technologies - the Swiss championship takes place on 12 September 2020. On that day, 23 competitors prove their knowledge in web development in different parts over a total of 7 hours.

One of those parts is the Speed Challenge which consists of many smaller tasks from all topics in web development. All competitors have 1 hour time to solve as many tasks as possible.

For every completed task, they get awarded a specific amount of points. The first competitor completing all tasks or having most points when the time runs out wins the Speed Challenge.

The Speed Challenge will be live-streamed on this page in German and French. During the Livestream, you are welcome to ask questions in the embedded chat.

The livestream starts at 13:45 with an introduction of the tasks.

You can find more information about the competition here:
Behind the scenes blog